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Keeping Cool in Alberta Summercommercial refrigeration equipment

Tips for Optimal Performance of your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

As we head into summer in Alberta, many of our clients want to feel certain that their commercial refrigeration equipment is performing optimally. If you have a maintenance schedule with a CTR technician, you can rest assured that you’re coolers and freezers are in good repair and set up to run efficiently.

That said, we like to encourage customers to have a good day-to-day knowledge of the key indicators of system failure.

Here a few ways that you, and your staff, can monitor your commercial refrigeration equipment to ensure timely response to symptoms of potential issues…

1. Implement a cleaning schedule.

Keeping equipment clean is a very simple, but often overlooked way to obtain optimal performance of your commercial equipment. Some clients find it efficient to schedule cleaning with stock rotation. In addition to cleaning chests and cabinets, you will want to clean vents and accessible components to remove any dust or debris which may have accumulated. This can typically be done by vacuuming with a soft brush attachment or by wiping with a cloth. Dirt and dust can have a significant impact on the performance and efficiency of your refrigeration and can contribute to potential causes for breakdowns.

2. Create a checklist for performance indicators and keep it where staff can see it.

The main idea is to mitigate the risk of a costly failure. If key personnel is trained to watch for changes in performance, issues can be addressed in a timely fashion so that you’re not faced with downtime, or worse, spoilage. Have your technician help you to create a checklist. What temperature should the freezer or cooler be set to and where can employees look to see if it’s maintaining this temperature? How much space is needed around the unit and how can staff ensure airflow requirements aren’t being impacted?

3. Implement best practices for energy efficiency.

This goes beyond commercial refrigeration equipment and should be considered at the time of design and installation of key components. Beyond the positioning of units for optimal performance, don’t overlook obvious energy efficiency tips. Ensuring that hinges, latches and seals are all in good repair can go a long way to prevent systems from being overworked. Watching inventory levels and keeping units well-stocked can also play an important role in overall energy use and equipment lifespan.


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